MERLO EWORKER 25.5 - 90 (4WD)

MERLO EWORKER 25.5 - 90 (4WD)

The continuous search for specific innovative solutions and technologies, in order to satisfy the needs of customers, has led Merlo S.p.A. to the creation of an exclusive range of telehandlers with small dimensions and respectful of the environment as they are 100% powered by electric batteries. These machines are designed to completely reduce noise levels and polluting emissions, increase manoeuvrability in confined spaces and drastically reduce operating costs compared to similar models equipped with heat engines powered by diesel fuel. Thanks to these unique features, the new range is the ideal tool for applications in closed environments such as stables, warehouses, materials sheds, industries and underground environments ensuring operation and traction even in off-road situations for the needs of municipalities, agriculture, construction and landfills.


Points Of Strength


Everything at your fingertips

In addition to the two front motors, the 4WD models are equipped with an additional motor for rear machine traction. This allows discharging the driving force to the ground on all the wheels, ensuring traction in all circumstances, even in off-road conditions. The rear axle is free to oscillate up to 7 degrees, and the maximum pull force is 3.000 kg.

The eWorker only steers on the rear wheels, like lift carriers with forks. Making the most of the high steering angle of the wheels, that reaches 85°, the maximum encumbrance while steering is reduced to a minimum: 3.300 mm for 4WD models. Record-breaking performance and agility. The transmission features three modes of use, depending on the customers’ needs.

  • ECO:for maximum saving
  • NORMAL: for normal operating conditions
  • POWER: for maximum performance and power.

The machine is configured with a variable displacement (Load Sensing) hydraulic pump, coupled to an electric motor and controlled by a capacitive electronic joystick control able to ensure up to three simultaneous movements without any problems for the operator. The RRM hydraulic couplings developed and produced by Merlo guarantee quick assembly and high connection tightness.

This fully automatic solution allows the weight of the boom and load to be used for the lowering movement, significantly limiting the demand for hydraulic power and, consequently, consumption and noise, without reducing safety. Faster and more fluid movements allow for increased performance. “The eWorker models, in both 2WD and 4WD versions, are the only models with these dimensions that can be approved for road use and offer the possibility to achieve the approval for agricultural trailer towing. To complete this configuration, it is possible to install the power socket, in the rear part of the machine, to control the trailer lights and the towing hook.


The best workplace

The 100% electric solution allows drastically reducing the noise level of the machine and the vibration normally transmitted to the operator by the heat engine. This results in an optimal workstation for the operator, reducing fatigue and the risk of occupational diseases. The standard configuration of eWorker range features 4 LED lights fitted on the cab overhead guard, which allow adequately illuminating the work area for safe and easy operation even in poorly lit environments and outdoor at night. The active boom suspension system (BSS) is available as an option, which protects the load during transfer and maintains a high level of driving comfort on rough terrain. The suspension is automatically deactivated at low speed for boom maximum precision and power. The high ergonomics of controls, the tilting steering wheel, armrest with adjustable position and a simplified user interface reduce operator fatigue and facilitate his/her work. The capacitive electronic joystick control is able to detect the presence of the operator by means of a sensor without pressing the “dead man” button


Simpler and smarter

The battery pack is dimensioned so as to offer high autonomy of approx. 8 hours and a recharge time between 8 and 9 hours. This allows the eWorker to work without interruption, ensuring significant performance and efficiency. For customers who need to work round the clock, the eWorker is designed to allow battery replacement with one charge thus eliminating waiting time for recharging. A convenient quick-release system has been developed to allow removing a flat battery and replace it in just over 5 minutes. To maximise the machine efficiency the eWorker is equipped with a device used to recover braking energy. The regenerative braking system, unlike a conventional dynamic braking system, converts the kinetic energy of the machine into electric energy that is stored in the batteries. Merlo machines have a carriage designed to ensure record-breaking performance with every implement, without compromising on lightness, which is essential for ensuring a lifting capacity unique on the market. Moreover, the maximum rotation greatly facilitates the loading and unloading of material with shovels. The Tac-lock device, which comes as standard on all the models, guarantees maximum operating comfort, allowing the implements to be hydraulically locked from the cab.