MX Manubal L6000 bale spike

MX Manubal L6000 Bale Spike

Three floating tines as standard and an adjustable height extension as an option, providing efficient handling of up to 4 rectangular bales.

Weight: 280Kg

Width: 1800mm

Height: 1240mm

Maximum load: 2100Kg

Manitou ITA back frame and tines class 3 fixed tine frame

Cherry Products Muck Grab with JCB tool carrier brackets

Cherry Products X-Form Professional with JCB tool carrier brackets

Model: GL-66

X-Form steel (High Strength – Low alloy)

Enclosed back keeps carriage & hydraulics clean 

Width: 2m
Height: 0.82m
Depth: 0.82m
Weight: 323kgs
Capacity: 1500kgs

Cherry Bale Spike CH27BE

Cherry Products bale spike range are based on the same heavy duty principal design, with a durable box section frame, Kverneland style tines and tine bushes.

Model: CH27BE
Can Handle: 3 x Rectangular Bales (upto 800mm high each)
Width: 1.71m
Height: 1.26m
Depth: 0.98m
Weight: 240kgs
Capacity: 1500kgs

Cherry Side Squeeze Bale Grab

For use on wrapped or unwrapped bales, squares or rounds.

Opening parallel allows for easy tight stacking and the standard spill rail means potentially two bales can be stacked at a time.

Model: CHW3
Details: Side Squeeze Bale Grab
Open Width: 1.94m 
Closed Width: 1.02m 
Capacity: 1400kgs

Cherry Two Man Safety Access Platform

Some of the most popular attachments on the UK agricultural market due to their conformity with HSE regulations and heavy duty build quality, Cherry Products two man safety access platform includes complete kick boards, weldmesh back, harness points, non slip chequer plate floor, bracket mount or tine fixing, self closing access gate along with full safety instructions and a certificate of conformity.

Model: CM24D
Details: Two man
Width: 1.60m
Height: 1.40m
Depth: 1.10m
Weight: 230kgs
SWL: 500kgs

Please call for further details

Merlo Tre-emme Lift-2 Hydraulic winch A2766

Merlo Tre-emme Lift-2 Hydraulic winch 

Model: A2766
Weight: 575kg
Width: 1230mm
Maximum capicity: 4500kg
Max hook travel: 35 metres
For use with ZM2 headstock
Brand new and in stock

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Strimech Buckets

Strimech Buckets
All Shapes and Sizes available. Many in stock!